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GREAT Legal Services is the UK Ministry of Justice’s flagship international marketing campaign, promoting the UK’s legal services offer in overseas markets with the highest growth potential, expanding business networks and generating export wins for our law firms and chambers as well as our legal tech sector.

Following the success of our recent trade missions and expansion of our communications efforts, and thanks to the UK and Singapore Digital Economy Agreement (DEA) signed in June 2022, we are renewing our focus on the Indo-Pacific legal sector.

Singapore is Southeast Asia’s leading commercial and financial hub. It has an outward- looking economy, political stability and first-rate infrastructure. The country has a longstanding trade relationship with the UK and is home to over 1,000 British companies and 30,000 British expatriates. Singapore is the UK’s largest trading partner in Southeast Asia and 19th largest globally – with total trade reaching almost £20bn in the first four quarters to Q3 of 2022, and British exports increasing by just over 26% in the last year.

The UK’s legal sector is globally recognised for the quality of its firms, the dynamism of its market and the degree of liberalisation (openness). Legal services generate over £30bn annually. The UK is also a leading lawtech market, with a 101% average annual investment growth rate over the past three years and a market opportunity of more than £20bn annually. The UK hosts almost half of all lawtechs headquartered in Europe. By 2026, annual investment into the sector is predicted to rise to £2.2bn.

We are building on the DEA, a landmark agreement between two high-tech nations, by bringing a cutting-edge UK lawtech delegation to Singapore. The delegation consists of some of the UK’s strongest representatives of the UK lawtech sector, looking to forge connections with key partners, explore opportunities and expand their reach into the Singapore market. Our lawtech sector is transforming the way legal businesses operate, improving their efficiency, reducing costs and helping them to adapt to an ever-changing digital ecosystem.

Friday 23 June 2023 was designated as a dedicated day for business matching activity for companies taking part in the programme.

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